The Benefits Of A New Boiler

Here at Trent Valley Plumbing and Building, we’ve been offering boiler installations to customers for many years now, which has allows us to notice a few key benefits of having a new boiler installed in your home. This is one of the main reasons why we’ve decided to write a blog which is all about the benefits of a boiler installation, please read on to find out more information about the benefits of boiler installations.

Improved Boiler Efficiency

The energy trust estimates that a central heating boiler is responsible for approximately 60% of your household energy bills, so having a better, more efficient boiler can make a sizeable difference to your bills. A lot of new condensing boilers are A rated, which means their efficiency is 90% or more. The efficiency of your old boiler will depend on a number of factors, but typically a very old non-condensing boiler would be G rated, meaning that it’s less than 70% efficient and could be 55%-70% efficient. Depending on your cash bill, having a more efficient boiler can benefit you and your home massively.

Better Heating Control

If you use a heating controller with TRVs and a room thermostat, you will be able to set the temperature in each room separately. Every TRV shuts off its radiator from the heating when the air around the valve reaches the perfect temperature. A lot of people generally prefer sleeping areas to be about 2 degrees cooler than their living areas, which is yet another reason why TRVs can help to both maintain and improve the comfort levels within your home. This helps to save you money as well as keeping the temperature at the right level. Get in touch with us today if you require a new boiler installation with TRV.

Quieter Boiler Operation

Due to new, improved design and better use of materials, new boilers can be significantly quieter than older types of boilers. This helps to make a real difference where a boiler is sited on the other side of a bedroom wall. There’s nothing worse than constant rattling throughout the pipes when trying to sleep, which is why a new boiler can improve your home and lifestyle tenfold. Who would like constant noise running throughout their home? We sure wouldn’t! This is yet another benefit of having a new boiler installed.

Smaller Size

New boilers nowadays tend to be more modern and smaller than their older counterparts, and there are a lot more options for siting them on walls rather than floors. Did you know that they can even be hidden behind a kitchen cupboard? This helps to free up useful space for a lot of homeowners, allowing for more room within their kitchen, or wherever their boiler is sited. This is a major benefit to people who live in quite small homes, as it helps to improve the space within their rooms.


If you require additional information on our absolutely fantastic boiler installation services, be sure to give the team at Trent Valley Plumbing and Heating a call today. We’re always here and ready to take your call, answer any questions and deal with any enquiries that you may have about the boiler installation services we offer

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