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Whether you’ve just bought a new house or your looking to spruce up your current home and add extra value, bathrooms are a great way to do so. As well as replacing a full bathroom suite you might just be looking to part replace a bathroom suite. When it comes to bathrooms it’s about making the most out of the available space and maximising it to it’s full potential to give both you and your home a bathroom it deserves. When considering having a new bathroom installed or having pieces of your bathroom replaced then it’s important to consider who’ll be carrying out the work, its always advisable to have a qualified and experienced plumber to carry out the work, to ensure that it’s fitted correctly and is safe to use.

Bathroom work can range from everything including toilet replacements, basin replacements, bath replacements, shower installation, ensuite installations, wet room installations and full bathroom suite replacement. When choosing new pieces for your bathroom or choosing a new bathroom suite or wet room then it’s important to consider how it will fit into the existing space or if its replacement pieces then how they’ll fit into the spaces available and if they match your existing suite. Over the last few years bathroom choices have been vastly growing as well as standard bathroom suites, there is now options such as jacuzzi baths, power showers, jacuzzi showers, wet rooms, semi sinks and sunken baths, ceramic bathroom suites, cast iron baths, steel baths and acrylic bathroom suites, the options have become endless and that’s why it’s important to work with a professional to get the best bathroom for your space and a bathroom that meets your requirements.

Choosing and Designing a Bathroom for your needs

When it comes to bathrooms and wetrooms then design is key, it’s not just as easy to say I want that suite, it’s important to consider how the pieces of the bathroom will fit into the available space and what you actually need in a bathroom.

What to think about when it comes to bathroom design:

  • Is it a family bathroom? Consider storage space and 2 sinks
  • Do you use a bath? If you shower then simply have a standalone shower or a wet room rather than a bath that won’t get used
  • If you enjoy a bath and shower, have something practical like a bath with overhead shower
  • If you use the bathroom as a place to relax then go for the luxurious feel with options like a jacuzzi bath or freestanding bath
  • If you’re a couple then consider things like 2 basins and a separate bath and shower

If you ask yourself the questions then it will help you and your bathroom designer understand your needs, and what needs to be incorporated into your bathroom for you to get the best use and enjoyment out of it. As well as full bathroom suites other rooms to consider are wetrooms, ensuites, downstairs toilets and shower rooms. If you’re a busy family and only have one bathroom or a small bathroom then maximise your space and lose things like a useless cupboard or wall alcove and turn it into a secondary toilet, wet room or ensuite, giving you the most out of the space you have and helping you to meet your bathroom requirements.

Choosing the Right Shower

These days showers in a huge range of sizes and styles such as free standing shower cubicles, built in contained showers and over bath showers, but it doesn’t just stop with the style then there is the type to choose such as digital, electric, mixer, power and eco showers. Working with a trained plumber and bathroom designer they will be able to help you choose the right shower for you; they will consider things such as your water pressure, your boiler type and your usage of a shower to help you choose a unit that meets your needs and its in with your style.

Every persons and families needs are different, what suits one person mightn’t suit another, over bath showers are great for people who love a bath and a shower and regularly use both or are great for people who have children, whereas separate and freestanding showers might be more suitable for people who work a lot, couples or big families who need a more quick in and out shower.

Clean and Hygienic Bathrooms

As well as fitting design and family requirements it is also important to consider that newer bathrooms can provide a cleaner and more hygienic suite. Bathroom suites that come in a huge range of materials such as ceramic, steel and acrylic can be easily wiped and cleaned down after use. Installing things like tiles, cladding and vinyl can help to create a bathroom which is a wipe down and easy clean environment. Due to the robustness of bathroom suite materials it makes them great to use with a range of cleaning products such as bleach and disinfectant allowing you to have a clean and hygienic bathroom, while having a modern and contemporary bathroom suite than doesn’t get damaged and tire when it’s cleaned.

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