Disabled Toilet Adaptations from Trent Valley Plumbing in Nottingham

Trent Valley Plumbing offer Specialist Toilet Adaptations from our base in Nottingham, where we have already installed dozens of Specialist Toilets throughout the Nottingham area. If you are looking for a Specialist Toilet to help you live life more efficiently, Trent Valley have the solutions right here for you. Not only do we supply such products, but we will happily visit you at your home, install your new toilet, and explain to you how your new specialist toilet works.

Trent Valley Plumbing can provide you with everything you need to ensure your bathroom is fitted appropriately. Our team of experienced plumbers and installers can talk to you about everything we are able to do, and show you real life examples of places where we have installed specialist equipment and bathroom furnishings in the past. Whatever your needs, Trent Valley have the power to change the way your bathroom looks and functions, which in turn, will make life much easier for you.

The range of special needs toilets we supply have been specifically designed with the needs of disabled people and mobility impaired people in mind. All toilets are available in various sizes to allow for comfort and ease of use.

Trent Valley Plumbing are here for those of you looking for Special Needs Toilets in Nottingham. We encourage you to get in touch if you, or a relative, are in need of an adapted toilet.    

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