Shower Over Bath Installations in Nottingham

Trent Valley Plumbing and Building Ltd have experience in bathroom installations, replacements and repairs. One of our specialisms is the installations of shower over bath wash facilities. Meaning you don’t have to rearrange the layout of your bathroom to squeeze in either a bath or a shower unit. We install quality shower units above bath suites to give you the maximum use from your bathroom space.

We have worked in and around Nottingham for a number of years and have built up a happy customer base in the area thanks to our quality services and workmanship.

Many people opt for an over bath shower unit to create a modern and flexible bathroom that can suit any needs or requirements. We can help with everything from the plumbing to installing you over bath screen.

What does ‘over the bath shower’ mean?

Over the bath shower refers to a shower installed above a bath along with over bath screens that creates a semi or fully enclosed shower. Most incorporate sliding shower doors or a shower screen. These are usually installed on steel frames to hold the screens in place. This enclosure is built to help prevent leaks from the shower.

These shower enclosures can create a large shower space over a relatively small bath area. These types of bathroom installations may not be for everyone, especially if you have difficulties with mobility, however, for those that are limited with space and flexibility, they are perfect.

Over the bath shower units can be installed over corner baths if required. They are installed in a similar way to stand alone shower units and enclosures, with wall channels screwed to the walls at each end of the bath.

How much do over the bath showers cost?

Over the bath showers vary in costs and are always dependent on the job in hand. We provide a bespoke service that is completely tailored to your home, requirements and budget available. The factors that can affect the cost of your over bath shower unit include;

  • Size of your bathroom and the size of the shower unit you would like to install over your bath
  • Waterproof levels can be varied. creating a more waterproof enclosure is more expensive than creating one that is waterproof to an extent
  • Access to the bath and bathroom can affect how long the job takes. If you have a very small area to work with, it may take longer to complete the installation which will affect the overall cost of the project, however our team of experts work to complete any installation as quickly as possible and to the highest of standards to get your bathroom up and running again

Choosing Trent Valley Plumbing and Heating for your Over the Bath Shower Installation

Choosing Trent Valley Plumbing and Heating for your over the bath shower installation is a must if you want a quality shower unit, finish and overall styling. Our team are based in Nottingham so can work around your schedule to complete the installation as quickly as possible. We have years of experience and many happy customers that can vouch for our standard of services, so be sure to give our team a call today on;


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