Wet Rooms and Level Access Bathrooms in Nottingham

From our base in Nottingham, Trent Valley Plumbing have been designing, supplying and installing wet rooms for many years now. The idea behind wet rooms is to have an open space to allow for free movement, without the worry of getting everything wet. Generally speaking, wet rooms are completely waterproof, apart from the accessories that they have within.

Wet rooms are a popular choice among people who wish to enhance their home. Not only will a wet room generate space and add aesthetic appeal to the bathroom as you enter, they are also notorious for adding value to the home in question. Wet rooms are available in a range of styles and for people with varying budgets, and Trent Valley Plumbing have the ability to install your new wet room for you.

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Level Access Bathrooms in Nottingham

Here at Trent Valley Plumbing we are firm believers that every person should be able to enjoy their bathroom to the full, taking time to relax and look after yourself is vital to a happy life. This can be difficult for some people who have difficulty moving or who live with a physical ailment or disability. Which is exactly why we strive to create everyone’s dream bathroom that completely suits their needs, no matter what they are. Trent Valley are proud to offer Level Access Bathrooms in Nottingham, which are designed to make everyday bathroom use a whole lot easier for everyone.

We will make the appropriate adaptations to your bathroom, so that those of you who use a walking stick, walking frame, or require a wheelchair, can still do everything you need to do in the bathroom with comfort and ease.

Our job, as plumbing and installation experts, is to make sure you can use either your level access bathroom (or wet room bathroom) with ease. This is something we are incredibly experienced at providing, and something we are able to work with you on. We can work alongside you, to cater our level bathroom services are bespoke to you. Working from start to finish alongside you every step of the way.

Benefits of Level Access Bathrooms

There are many benefits to installing a level access bathroom in your home including;

  • No steps are needed so its ideal for those with mobility issues
  • Can be wheelchair accessible if required
  • Shower trays are completely water tight so theres no worry of leaks
  • They can be installed anywhere in your home, upstairs or downstairs
  • They can add value to your property
  • They are easier to clean and maintain than regular bathroom suites
  • Not restricted by low weight bands like regular bath enclosures may be

For Level Access Bathrooms in Nottingham, make sure Trent Valley Plumbing are your first port of call.     

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