Door Access and Door Widening in Nottingham

One of our key services for helping people make their homes more disabled friendly is that of door widening and improving access to rooms of the house. This is a process which involves a Building Notice application to most local authorities and in some cases, a structural report is required but we do all this for you meaning you a free of the hassle. Most standard sized doors restrict the access for people with disabilities and those wheelchair bound meaning manoeuvring around the house is difficult. This is where our years of experience come into play.

Initially when someone contacts us to look at a door widening project we will make a site visit to assess the level of work needed, which doors need to be altered and also to establish if there are any major structural changes which will need to be addressed throughout the development. From this stage we can give you a completely free no obligation quotation to have the work completed with a realistic timescale. The majority of door widening projects in Nottingham have been a simple process and gone without the need of any major structural works. However if this problem does arise you need confidence in us, the building company to complete the project safely and cost effectively. This is where our reputation gives you that piece of mind knowing your door widening project is in safe hands.

Having completed hundreds of door widening projects in and around Nottingham our gallery gives some great examples of the services we can deliver. Make sure you give us a call to have an experienced door widening contractor call to assess your project in full.     

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