With the bathroom being one of the smaller rooms in your homes, it can be hard to fit all the units as well as store everything in the same room. At Trent Valley, we can understand that renovating your bathroom can be a costly job and so our team of professional tradesmen make sure that you are always receiving the best services from what you are spending. Luckily, we have gathered a few cost friendly bathroom storage ideas, to get you using your bathroom to its full potential. Whether your bathroom is big or small, we have solutions that may help you to use the space efficiently.

Your bathroom is somewhere where you store a lot of things and sometimes it can look cluttered. Our bathroom storage ideas will help inspire you with different solutions for storing your bathroom products. These include storage for; toiletries, towels, shower supplies and toilet paper.

Bathroom Storage Units

There are many different methods of storage that you can implement into your bathrooms, in the unused spaces. For those in need of storage solutions that you can change around depending on whatever theme you want your bathroom, there are storage units which you can have standing on the floor or hanging up on your walls.

  • Wall Cabinet – there are many different wall cabinets that you can have fitted onto your walls. Whether it be with a mirror or an open cabinet. You can put the cabinets wherever you would like and then move them if you want to refurbish your bathroom at a later time.
  • Shelving – shelving is a great way to store things in your bathroom, in the unused wall space. The good thing about shelves is that you are quite open to getting it fitted onto your walls in different ways that meet your personal requirements. You can have these in the form of plain wooden planks or as a storage tower or unit.

For more inspiration, check out some of IKEA’s bathroom storage units here.

Built-in Storage

For a permanent solution to bathroom storage, you can look into some built-in bathroom storage. We have a few ideas that you can be inspired by and possibly create your own design ideas for your bathroom. Some of these storage ideas are within the units themselves as well and being built in to the structure of the walls.

  • Niches – bathroom niches are a great way to add storage to your bathrooms without it taking up any floor or wall space. These can be put in place of new and existing walls and is suitable for both drywall and solid wall.
  • Armoire – an armoire is like a fitted wardrobe that you have in your bathroom. In here you could store towels and ben linens. These are better for those who have bigger bathrooms or for those that don’t have a linen cupboard or anywhere to store their extra towels or bedding.
  • Stowaway bathtub – this is a great innovational way of storing your shower and bath supplies. This is very convenient as you can use your shower and bath toiletries when you need it and then store then away again.

For more examples of built-in storage solutions for your bathrooms, click here.

At Trent Valley, we work closely with our customers throughout the design and installation processes and like to validate everything with you before we continue onto the next step. We have provided our services to many homes throughout Nottingham and the surrounding areas in the north of Rushcliffe. All of which, have had different bathroom designs with a range of storage solutions. To find out more about our bathroom installations, call us now on 0115 982 2332.

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